Australian Homeschooling Summit – More than 120 workshops online

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Ever wanted to go to a big homeschooling conference, but couldn’t because they just don’t exist in Australia?

Here’s the solution – the Australian Homeschooling Summit. It’s all online, so us homeschoolers can go to a homeschooling conference without leaving our couches!

Or getting out of our pyjamas. #homeschoolstereotypes

Instead, we can kick back on the couch and access homeschooling workshops from some of the most well-known and highly respected people in Aussie homeschooling.

People who have homeschooled for decades, have graduated their kids, and have tackled all the stages (and problems) and can help you get through them too. And also parents who are newer to homeschooling, but who have conquered challenges and want to share how they did it.

The Summit runs live once a year, but we record every single workshop – head over to access 120+ workshops about registration, reporting, curriculum options, unschooling, and nearly every other useful homeschooling topic you can think of!

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