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Keen to stop schooling, start educating and create a homeschool you love?

Hi, I’m Kelly, I’m a mum of 5 always-homeschooled children, and I know that homeschooling doesn’t have to be overwhelming, infuriating, or tedious – promise. I can help you find your way, whether you’re just starting out or you’re stuck in a homeschooling rut.

Because we can do better than school.

We can create a homeschool that’s personalised, passion-led, and spontaneous (while also being incredibly educational). And if that sounds like a great idea to you, I can help you get started.

I started Fearless Homeschool in 2016 to help homeschoolers gain the confidence to step away from the school model and create an interesting and wildly effective education for their families.

Since then I’ve helped thousands of families embrace their own quirky style of natural learning with my free homeschooling resources, homeschooling courses, and the yearly Australian Homeschooling Summit.

Head over and check out the freebies!

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