Heidi Hosking – The New Way

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Hi! I am the creator of The Sanctuary.
Alongside this, I :

+ hold Courses with both online and local options on topics such as Heart to Heart Parenting, Inner Work, ‘Homeschooling The New Way’, creating Harmony with your Partner. They are all tied into each other.

+ have private Mentorships.

+ regularly post mini-videos on these topics at my YouTube channel : Heidi Hosking

Find out more about how I can support FAMILY HARMONY at your home at my website Heidi Hosking.com

I bring my :
:: mainstream Speech Pathology and child development background
:: mixed with my experience with sensitive children, from gifted to ‘disabilities’ and everywhere in between
:: interwoven with my own Mother-Child healing journey with my 2 sensitive boys
:: oh and my intuition that has helped me to connect a lot of dots + download how we can help our children with any of their ‘issues’, in an empowered way….. The New Way.

I teach you to come back to your heart so you know exactly what is going on for you, your children AND partner.

How you can hold space for them at the same time as healing yourself.

Healing and activating as a family unit, all empowered by YOU!

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