3 Tier Homeschool Support Hub (QLD)

For those daunted by the thought of homeschooling, this support offers information, assistance, and guidance through the setup, scheduling, routine and reporting of the homeschooler’s life. This allows families to relax in the beauty of freedom and enjoy the structure without the stress, the high performance without the high pressure. This opens the doors for families to discover the learning routine which works for them.

There are three basic levels of support, ranging from initial homeschool setup support, to full, on-going teacher support.

1. Setup Support
Assistance with writing educational learning plan and basic year scheduling (estimated 3-5hrs)
2. Setup and Report Support
Assistance with educational learning plan, basic scheduling, and report of progress (estimated 6-10hrs)
3. Home Support Hub
Educational learning plan, reporting, and on-going teacher support (estimated 12-18hrs)

Support begins with an overview of homeschooling, different techniques, and various learning styles. Each family has the opportunity to decide which style best suits their needs, determine the level of structure necessary, and lay out the expectations for the year.

After providing necessary information about their child, learning resources, and educational environment, they will be provided with a learning plan. Once perfected to suit their individual needs, this is sent off to HEU.

Within 90 days, the plan will be approved, or any required changes made, and homeschooling begins in earnest!
Nine months from that date, a learning review of the school year will be compiled and sent in to report on progress.
Within those nine months, teacher support will be ongoing for information, additional tutoring or classes, project assigning, and marking.

Homeschooling made easy!

(Support hours vary for each family, based on needs, number of students, and required assistance. Rate – $30/hr)

For more information or to register with the Homeschool Support Hub, please contact Tanya Strydom:

Email: quest4truth.tanya@gmail.com
Ph: 0490 413 235

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