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Hi There

My name is Inga Dennett. I provide therapeutic recovery services to those who have experienced loss of any sort. Be it job/career, relationship, financial, familial. I specialise in loss and disconnection to identity and self. Basically, any human.

I use various modalities to explore what gives YOU meaning by healing your relationship to self. Some of these modalities include meditation, mindfulness and counselling. My foundation for my counselling therapies is based in Inherited Family Trauma and how, once we bring light to what has previously been kept in the dark in our families, maybe for generations, healing is possible and life changing at that. Through awareness, naturally comes compassion, understanding and ultimately forgiveness, forgiveness for those who came before us but ultimately forgiveness of self and that once we know better, we can do better, without the overlay of judgement or shame.

If this speaks to you – please do not hesitate to reach out via email or my website.

Yours in Healing

First Name: Inga
Surname: Dennett
Company Name: Inga Dennett Transformational Therapist
State: qld
Region: sunshine-coast
Phone Number: 0424136763
Facebook Name: Inga Dennett Transformational Therapist
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Inga-Dennett-Transformational-Therapist-116373373480353
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Website Link: https://www.ingadennetttransformationaltherapist.com/