Your Online Community

This is a space for you to connect with your local or national Homeschool Community, privately or publically.

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Slack is a chat and messaging app downloadable to your phone or desktop, the platform is well established and trusted.

The HomeschoolHeart space on Slack can be used by anyone in the homeschool community.

The many benefits..

    • Choose your username and send public and private messages
    • Create private channels(groups) to organise your activities
    • Admin cannot access your private groups or direct messages
    • Upload files and images
    • Only need an email to log in, no phone number required.
    • You can browse and search the messages
    • It is not FB but you can still connect with your homeschool community
    • This is a form of social media but what you see is not manipulated, you choose.
    • All the latest info added to Homeschool heart can be found here
    • It creates threads and is much more readable than telegram
    • Invite others to join
    • You don’t need to be online to get messages
    • If this website goes down the slack community will remain
    • Set up notifications or ask not to be disturbed

    Find your local homeschooling Facebook Group

    Find the Homeschool Heart Facebook Page and Groups here