Un/homeschooling support for mothers

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Reclaiming Birth & Beyond Services :

– Intuitive mothers mentoring
– Mothers Circles- Home/Unschooling theme
– Un/homeschooling Information/Support sessions
– Un/Homeschooling related workshops

Rachel holds space for mothers to come as they are, all of you is welcomed. With an intuitive, gentle and nurturing approach Rachel helps mums to tune into themselves whilst quietening the external noise.

Rachel draws on her experience as a mental health social worker, ex-teacher, mother and postpartum doula to bring a holistic approach to supporting families on their homelearning journey.

Rachel spent many years working in school wellbeing coordinator/counselling roles seeing the impact first hand that school was having on many children.

In addition years of private practice and Equine Assisted therapy led Rachel to continue seeing the impact of the education system on children and adolescents.

Rachel’s soul purpose is to support and empower women making conscious decisions for their family.

To learn more and connect with Rachel please email reclaimingbirthandbeyond@gmail.com

First Name: Rachel
Surname: Few
Company Name: Reclaiming Birth & Beyond
Phone Number: 0438560153
Facebook Name: Reclaiming Birth & Beyond
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/reclaimingbirthandbeyond/
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Website Link: www.halaxy.com/profile/reclaiming-birth-beyond/location/516491