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Hi there!

My name is Kate, I’m a devoted single mumma bear raising my two free thinking bear cubs and mischievous English Staffy in a quaint little townhouse on the Sunny Coast of Queensland, Australia.

I love my pyjamas, Chris Cornell, eating vegan ice cream out of the tub, and I have a long-standing obsession with children’s books.

My heart used to be where your heart is now. It ached to find a way to help my child through something I thought I had no control over and no way out of.

My heart ached because I thought I HAD to keep sending my child back to school day after day even though he would be begging me in heartbreaking tears each morning not to make him go!

I thought I HAD to keep sending him even though I disagreed with the values and beliefs he was being indoctrinated with for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, (for potentially 13 years of his life) by strangers who clearly didn’t share the same values as I did.

I thought I HAD to send him even though I knew it was traumatising and crushing his soul because he was being bullied not only by students but also by TEACHERS (and yes, I moved him to another school but it was equally as bad).

Believe me, my heart was where your heart is now.

But I made a stand and decided enough was enough, nothing was worth seeing my child like that day after day and nothing was worth allowing an outdated, constrictive institution dictate our every move.

Even though it SERIOUSLY ruffled some feathers within our family… my inner mumma bear took over and I made a decision that forever changed our lives!

Now, I’m here to hold space for and guide your family through what will be one of the most life changing actions you take in your lives.

I’m here to inspire and encourage you to reclaim your power, break out of the matrix and let go of that constrictive and governed ‘have to’ life and instead create your own autonomous and intentional ‘want to’ life!

I am here to show you first-hand how your children (and your family) can not only live a life without school but how you can ALL flourish and thrive in a life without the limitations and constraints of school.

The fact that you are here, tells me that you are already craving all of this but you just don’t know how to claim it and start living it!

With over 20 years of experience in the early childhood and education sectors and as a now veteran unschooling mumma who definitely prefers to live ‘outside the box’, I am an advocate for raising children as valued, autonomous and empowered human beings.

Through combining my innate affinity with children, my background studying and applying transformational mindset coaching, my passion for living an autonomous life and my natural ability to intuitively connect with parents and children on a relatable and vulnerable level, I guess it’s not at all surprising that I organically landed in the role of ‘Unschooling Coach’.

I’ve been nicknamed ’Sunshine’ by family, friends and clients. They say that a coaching session or a simple conversation with me is so inspiring and motivating, it’s like a “ray of sunshine” in their day, but I guess I’ll let you find out for yourself if you agree with them on that one. ☀️

I coach ‘new to unschooling parents’ how to break out of the mainstream schooling system and shift into the liberated world of unschooling.

☀️ I run 4 week INTRODUCTORY PROGRAMS where I help parents find their feet in the world of unschooling by taking them through the essential beginning stages and show them how to DEschool, DEcondition & REconnect.

REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN- register your interest via my website link.

☀️ For those who have done the introductory program, I offer the ‘Liberated Life Learners’ MEMBERSHIP.
This is for parents who wish to dive deeper into ‘all things unschooling’. I provided ongoing coaching support and bring in guest speakers/experts/veteran unschooler parents etc who provide invaluable information to support your unschooling journey.

☀️ THEN…. For the hardcore unschooling parents who want to totally level up their lives and deepen their family connection… I have the ‘Liberated Life Learners- Take Flight’ MEMBERSHIP where we combine the empowered, autonomous unschooling lifestyle with ALL the WOO WOO and do a complete paradigm shift! This VIP membership is where parents get all the value and benefits of the basic membership PLUS they also get to work one on one with me to co-create their ultimate unschooling lifestyle where living and learning are inseparable and where ‘old conditioning’, ‘limited beliefs’ and ‘living to the expectations of others’ no longer exist!

I’m in QLD, AUSTRALIA but I work via zoom so ALL are WELCOME!

I can be found where most people are found these days… on social media…

IG: @hellokatelesslie
FB: Kate Lesslie

xx Kate

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